Francesco Perini


Italian, born in 1987, Francesco was educated at the University of Macerata, earning a Degree in Tourism with a special focus on ecotourism and sustainable tourism. In the past, he gave talks and published his academic work and researches on the impact of whale watching on Icelandic nature and communities.

Fascinated since childhood by explorers and their epic feats, Francesco started practicing hiking and mountaineering at a young age and has never stopped. With the mountains still being something special for him, in the last years he has extended his interest towards new terrains of adventure and discovered his vocation for long distance overland journeys, the most recent ones being a 25.000 km travel in Asia from Moscow to Kathmandu and a 10.000 km travel in South America from Ushuaia to Lima. He regularly collaborates with Italian travel agency Viaggi e Miraggi, as advisor, for cultural and outdoor adventure journeys in Iceland.

Since 2014 Francesco lives in Húsavík and works in the museum field. After a first experience at the Whale Museum, in January 2015 he joins the team of the Exploration Museum as Curator. He also works periodically as curator or contributor of temporary exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. Since 2016 he is the Director of the Explorers Festival annually hosted in Húsavík by the Exploration Museum, and member of the Scientific Committee of the museum.