Jonathan Fosdick


Nanotechnologist, graphene researcher, aerospace designer.

Having over several years of hands-on experience in the synthesis of graphene, which has been dubbed the “wonder material of the 21st. Century”, Jonathan has pioneered new methods to make this revolutionary material. Graphene is the thinnest, strongest, and lightest material in the world made entirely out of 2-dimensional carbon. He envisions swarms of robots on the moon and on mars building solar cells, batteries, and entire habitations through the use of graphene, along with other related and incredible nanomaterials.

Having worked in the aerospace industry for over a decade in San Antonio, Texas, Jonathan has extensive design experience in CAD, IT, and system design. His previous work included projects for Raytheon and several other large aviation firms. He has studied nanotechnology for over twenty five years, and has always dreamed of reaching the stars. Now pursuing a formal degree in chemistry with the University of Arkansas, Jonathan is ever learning how to best solve many problems and is very creative in arriving at solutions. Also, he has taught robotics to high school students as an adjunct college instructor for a summer academy for gifted students. He plans to use his combined experience and skills to see the Mars Pressurization Project take off.